Ivy Chua @ HWHK Writer

Ivy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and is currently practising in Hong Kong. She is a member of Dietitian Association of Australia and Hong Kong Dietitian Association. She hopes to inspire everyone to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle through healthy and mindful eating. Ivy enjoys educating, motivating and supporting her clients in their health journey by providing sustainable evidence-based approaches. She tailors meal plans that suit her clients’ nutritional requirement, lifestyles and eating pattern.

Ivy had clinical experience with Northern Hospital where she helped optimised patients’ recovery through medical nutrition. She has also provided nutrition education in the community such as the community gym and the Chinese community centre. She participated in several nutrition research studies on people’s eating habits and the supplement used in the hospitals on behalf of the Centre of Advanced Sensory Science of Deakin University.


營養與生活 – 學習正念飲食 (Mindful Eating)

營養與生活 之 如何以直覺性飲食維持可持續的健康飲食? 社會上流傳不同快速減重的飲食方法,吸引不少人跟隨,而這些方法或餐單通常以節食為主,令人漸漸把食物標籤成好與壞。然而,研究指出透過節食去快速減肥,效果最多只能維持四個月。習慣性節食會引致新陳代謝減慢,體重不減反增,破壞人與食物的關係,嚴重者更會引致⋯⋯

Ketogenic Diet – The low carbohydrates, high fat and moderate protein?

You may see #KETO everywhere on social media. Ketogenic diet is a diet low in carbohydrates (5%), moderate in protein (10%-20%) and high in fat (70%-80%)….


催淚彈成份二噁英嚴重危害健康(?) 最近香港人都關注催淚彈殘留物的問題,擔心其成份會危害健康。有人稱不敢於街市買生果吃,去茶餐廳也不敢喝檸水,怕有二噁英!坊間亦流傳不少能解毒或減少體內二噁英的方法。近日催淚彈成份二噁英殘留食物表面近日催淚彈成份二噁英殘留食物表面,嚴重危害健康?最近香港人都關注催淚彈殘留物的問題,擔心其危害⋯⋯

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