Walk the talk + Heal me up

Walk the Talk (預防向導Preventive Approach)

We organize events, talks, activities to enhance employee’ total well-being such as:

  • How our brain influence our emotions, learning and executive functions?
  • How to enhance our mental effectiveness in daily life?
  • Prevention of burnout

  • Activities: Mindful yoga, Stretching, Zentangle; and more!

  • Contact us for detail!

Heal me Up (治療向導Theraputic)

  • Employee Assistance programs (EAP) can offer much-needed support to employees and their families.

  • Individual counseling: we drive to provide a safe environment for an employee to express their feelings and thoughts, be listened to, and providing emotional support in times of need.

  • By offering this service, employers demonstrate they care about their employees’ well being while employees gain access to resources that can help them through difficult circumstances.