Our Story 我們的故事

Founder 創辦人

Raindy (Master of Counselling, MBSR, NLP, CMBT and AMT “Sitting like a Frog” instructor, Academician of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association) is a professional trainer in meditation and mindfulness with a solid background in psychological counseling and psychotherapy. She has assisted many women-in-crisis at the Refugee Center for Women under the Social Welfare Department. She has completed Shinto and Master of Business Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She started learning about mindfulness since 2004.

Raindy is passionate about mindfulness and meditation and believes that the neural plasticity that occurs in the brain can make profound changes in our lives. She is also committed to teaching Holistic Wellness to NGOs, schools and companies. Her philosophy of life is to unite people’s wisdom, love and compassion, to encourage living mindfully and intellectually, to constantly improve oneself and the society one lives in. She has held various seminars for different multinational companies on topics like stress reduction, creativity, communication, teamwork, family relations, parenting and health management.

Raindy is leading Scared Sound Healer in town. She has offered over hundreds of public classes about meditation and wellness in Hong Kong. She uses Singing Bowl as a tool to many individuals who have suffered from physical pain and sleeping problems. Thousands of participants have benefited from her services and mission in terms of using sound to de-stress and heal the world.

Raindy,輔導碩士、MBSR及NLP執行師、CMBT培訓師、坐著像青蛙(AMT)導師、香港專業輔導協會院士。Raindy 是一位專業的靜觀、正念和冥想培訓導師,在心理諮詢和心理治療方面擁有紮實的背景,曾於社區福利署轄下的婦女庇護中心協助婦女渡過大小不同的危機,後於香港中文大學完成神道學及工商管理碩士。2004年學習正念。

Raindy對靜觀充滿熱情,並相信大腦中發生的神經可塑性可以使我們的生活發生深刻的變化。她同時致力於將整全健康教導於非政府組織、學校和公司。她的人生哲學是團結人們的智慧、愛心和同情心,鼓勵思想生活,以改善自己和社會。 她曾為不同的跨國企業舉辦各種形式的靜觀研討會,主題包括:減輕壓力、提升創造力、改善溝通、團隊合作、家庭關係、育兒、健康管理等。

Project Officer 項目主任

Vincent discovered mindfulness and meditation at 17 and has been practicing them regularly ever since. He has also practiced meditation in Plum Village, France. He is a passionate advocate for mental health and experienced event planner. He has organised TEDxHKU and worked for a local business consulting firm as part of its management team. He is currently a consultant for a local tech start-up.

Vincent has a strong interest in mental health, the exploration in body, mind and soul, and the philosophy of happiness. He is currently pursuing courses in NLP and mindfulness. He is determined to promote Holistic Wellness in an innovative, tech-savvy and effective manner.



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