Build me up 培訓

HWHK specializes in providing a unique and innovative approach to stress reduction, burnout prevention, and mental effectiveness in workplace. Our training integrates experiential game-based learning with relevant theories from psychology and neuroscience approach. This helps employees develop better problem-solving skills, increase their focus and concentration, as well as improve their communication skills. Our trainings can help collegies develop a more positive attitude towards work as well as build resilience for any challenging situations they may encounter.

HWHK 專注於提供獨特和創新的方法來減輕壓力、預防倦怠和提高工作場所的心理效率。我們的培訓將基於體驗式的遊戲學習,心理學和腦神經科學方法的相關理論相結合。這有助於員工培養更好的解決問題的能力,提高他們的注意力和 專注力,並提高他們的溝通技巧。我們的培訓可以幫助參加者培養更積極的工作態度,並增強他們應對可能遇到的任何挑戰性情況的應變能力。

Improve emotional intelligence and management;

Stress reduction and enhance ability to deal with stress;

Improve interpersonal relationships; and

Boost work productivity and performance





HWHK offers the following training services:

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Features of HWHK’s training services:

Professional & Reliable

Our training services are designed by professionals with relevant qualifications. This is to ensure all our training services are of high quality and professional.


Efficient & Pragmatic

We pride ourselves on being result- (that is, participants can have actual, practical gain from our trainings) and efficiency- (that is, participants can maximise their gain from our trainings through minimal input) oriented whilst designing our training services. We believe HWHK, as the provider of your trainings, are the one responsible for ensuring all the training services are efficient and pragmatic. That should not be participants’ concern. We want participants to and only to enjoy and experience the trainings, and we will sort out the rest for them.


Tailor-made Training Services

HWHK also provides tailor-made training services according to your unique needs and requests. Please click here to contact us for more.


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