Training 培訓

HWHK is committed to promoting the practice of Holistic Wellness to the general Hong Kong public in their daily life and work. We offer different kinds of personal and corporate training services.


Practicing Holistic Wellness can help one:

  • Improve emotional intelligence and management;
  • Stress reduction and enhance ability to deal with stress;
  • Improve interpersonal relationships; and
  • Boost work productivity and performance


  • 提高情商,幫助情緒管理
  • 提高應對壓力的能力
  • 改善人際關係
  • 提升工作效率與表現

HWHK offers the following training services:

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Features of HWHK’s training services:

Professional & Reliable

Our training services are designed by professionals with relevant qualifications. This is to ensure all our training services are of high quality and professional.


Efficient & Pragmatic

We pride ourselves on being result- (that is, participants can have actual, practical gain from our trainings) and efficiency- (that is, participants can maximise their gain from our trainings through minimal input) oriented whilst designing our training services. We believe HWHK, as the provider of your trainings, are the one responsible for ensuring all the training services are efficient and pragmatic. That should not be participants’ concern. We want participants to and only to enjoy and experience the trainings, and we will sort out the rest for them.


Tailor-made Training Services

HWHK also provides tailor-made training services according to your unique needs and requests. Please click here to contact us for more.


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